Book a court

How to book a court

Members are able to book a court for free. After checking court availability you’ll be prompted to login with the details provided to you during your orientation (submit a form here if having difficulty accessing). Please note a small light charge may apply during winter months when booking.

The general public is able to book a court after checking availability you’ll be prompted to create an account for future bookings – prices are $20 per hour and you will be charged through our booking platform. Please note that cancellations require a 24h notice and can be managed through the booking link in your inbox.

When you book a court you will receive a special code in your email which will provide you access to the club 15 mins prior to you booking time – access it at the rear of the club off Wimbledon Ave, towards the oval. If you would like to borrow some equipment, please submit this form several hours before you are scheduled to play in order to make arrangements.